Session 1

Our story begins on first day of the month Anagantios, just a few weeks before the festival of balance that marks the official start to Fogamur or the autumn season. The day was bright and crisp, when following the map that the old woman from the outskirts of town had given them, the party found their way to the entrance to the ruins.

Alariss, Chepi, Podge, Lothar and his eidolon Hans adroitly dodged the combination of alarm and axe trap that was rigged up in the entrance. Upon entering the first room of the underground ruin, they were set upon by four massive rats. Podge recognized the disease-ridden danger present in the oversized rodents also known as “goblin dogs”. After vanquishing the filthy vermin, the group to a moment to collect itself, noting the humanoid bones and other detritus scattered around the room. The they then realized that the owners of these animals were squabbling amongst themselves mere feet away on the other side of a stout wooden door.

The group then quickly positioned themselves to deal with the threat on the other side of the door, when suddenly a false ceiling gave way dropping two enormous translucent scorpions into their midst. Seizing the opportunity caused by the scorpion-induced chaos, the goblins flung open the door and peppered the party with a hail of arrows. All manner of pouncing, reaping enemies in twain, crossbow-bolting to the stone floor and magical fricasseeing then ensued, with our heroes emerging victorious.

Low on resources and fearful that another encounter was just around the corner, the party decided that discretion was the better part of valor and quickly raided the goblin lair. An eagle-eyed appraisal from Alariss noted some tapestries and other trade goods that would have otherwise been ignored as junk. All the while, a sequence of sorceries from Chepi had one of the recently deceased goblins, groaning out replies from beyond the grave. This supernatural interrogation led the group to a well-disguised loose flagstone that concealed a small sack of coins and gems. On the way out a few of the bones were gathered, in the hopes that someone back in town might be able to identify the remains.

Squinting into the last remaining daylight as the group ascended the stairs into the ruin, a mystical mount was summoned to help transport the awkwardly cumbersome array of trade goods and items found below.

Campaign Journal

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